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Four new Tech articles.
CGR goes to the SEMA show.


Updated Jan 28, 2009
New Products at CGR
 Full Capacity FML mags now in stock!
Gunsmithing Services Now Available!
Matt Burkett's Practical Shooting DVDs!
CGR T-Shirts Now Available!
 CGR is proud to welcome Bar-Sto Precision as the Official Barrel of CGR!

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Welcome to Custom Glock Racing.  This site is dedicated to the discriminating Glock shooter. Here you will find plenty of FREE information about Glock pistols as well as custom products and services.

Why should you buy from Custom Glock Racing?  We beat and abuse the products we sell every week on the competition shooting circuit.  "Unlike some shops out there we actually use the products we sell in the heat of competition so we know what works and what doesn't."

--Matt Kartozian
Owner and Team Captain
This site will be modified frequently so be sure to come back soon and check out the new and exciting features we have planned.  If you have any helpful suggestions, we would like to hear them. Contact Us

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